Saves land, water and energy! In comparison to conventional cotton recycled/reclaimed cotton reduces costs at all levels.

Recycled cotton is made up of recovered cotton from conventional cotton processing that would otherwise end up as waste in landfills.

Additionally, there are no harsh chemicals used in the processing method of recycled cotton. Therefore, recycling saves the environment from vast amounts of waste water and toxic products. Which are unfortunately yet commonly used in clothing manufacture.

Apparently, in ancient Egypt, only the high priest was allowed to wear cotton!

Nowadays, cotton is the world’s most popular and manufactured fabric. Although, did you know that conventional cotton is the most pesticide dependent crop in the world making it harsh on humans and the environment.

Conventional cotton production results in countless carbon emissions at each stage of processing… Plant to fibre, fibre to cloth, cloth to garment, not forgetting the overall environmental and economic transport costs.

The ever growing change to recycled cotton begins with you, the customer.

So, just spread the word… Recycling will benefit You, Me and the Globe… Recycling Rocks!