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VivaShiva Green and Ethical Fashion. Coming soon!!


VivaShiva Philosophy

  • Fashion free from sweatshops & worker exploitation

  • Promoting ethics such as Seed, Earth & Wildlife Conservation

  • Created from 100% Biodegradable Organic/Sustainable/Recycled materials

  • Dedicated to lowering the Carbon footprint & overall Ecological impact on the planet

  • Incorporating high quality Eco-friendly dyes & methods

  • Investing in & returning profit share to worker co-operatives, communities & villages

  • Utilizing reclaimed materials efficiently and without additional tags & bags

  • Sourcing textiles that are ethically and fairly traded & stress free

  • Connecting ‘Green’ awareness & creative inspiration

  • Enthusiastically, looking into the future of Eco-fabrics, Dyeing and Printing solutions

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